Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Pity for Paul Ince

Football is going crazy. Take the case of Paul Ince, sacked yesterday by Blackburn Rovers for having the temerity to be near the foot of the table after slightly less than half the season, and having won only 3 league games of the 17 he managed.

Paul Ince, if we forgive his abberation whilst playing for "Manchester" United (look at the maps people) was a great footballer and his work with Macclesfield Town and MK Dons seemed to point to a decent manager in the making. Then one of the Premier League big boys came knocking.

Blackburn Rovers sought, and got, special dispensation from the Premier League for Paul Ince to manage them because he didn't have all the necessary qualifications to manage in the top flight. Is it then any surprise that he has struggled in what is regarded as one of the toughest leagues in the world? Having sought, and got, said dispensation, Blackburn Rovers should have given him more time to turn things around. Put together a decent run, just four or five matches and suddenly things are looking up.

However, what is the point in having minimum qualifications for Premier League managers and then handing out special dispensation to various managers? Avram Grant at Chelsea also lacked the necessary badges.

For Paul Ince though, I hope that he finds a job soon back down in the lower leagues and that he can kick start afresh his once promising career as a football manager.

Friday, December 12, 2008

Union Stupidity

Generally speaking I am a fan of trade unions, and believe that they have performed a valuable service to the working classes in raising living standards and protecting the rights of workers.

However, with the news that the Auto Workers Union have basically scuppered the bail out plan for the big three American car manufacturers, the question needs to be asked - whose backs are you protecting?

Refusing to accept pay cuts in order to guarantee the continued viability of the car manufacturers is simple short-sightedness. The union leaders, those tasked by their members to look after their best interests, have in effect stabbed their members in the back.

Given the choice between a pay cut and no job, I am fairly sure that in the current financial climate the members of the AWU when balloted would vote for the former.

Tuesday, December 09, 2008

European Union Anti-Democratic?

Euroscepticism is on the rise, and is really any surprise when the EU insist that Ireland re-run a referendum on the Lisbon Treaty?

Of course the Irish government claim that in no way have they been bullied by the bigger countries that treat the EU as their own little cabal, in particular France and Germany.

According to current EU rules all 27 member states must ratify the Lisbon Treaty in order for it to become a reality, therefore according to EU rules, the Lisbon Treaty is dead, as was the constitution before it.

For the Irish government to run a second referendum, when the Irish electorate have already given their verdict on the question placed before them is arrogant in the extreme.

If this goes ahead, and the EU disregards its own procedures and rules, then one can only hope that the Irish again vote down the Lisbon Treaty - and that the leaders of the various nations in the EU learn to listen to the people. It is called democracy.